Buffet restored to former glory

buffet2The owners of a beautiful home in the Summit Avenue neighborhood in St. Paul, MN.  brought me in to design leaded glass panels for a serving buffet that was being restored to it’s former glory.  A previous owner removed the original upper portion of the buffet to open up the kitchen to the dining room which was out-of-place to the original  design intent of this house built-in the early 1900’s.

After touring the house and looking at other leaded glass panels  and other architectural details I drew up several options for a design that was fitting to the period of the house.  A gothic arch design was chosen that repeated an element from another window in the entry of the home.

buffet1The panel was constructed using all custom hand beveled glass by Minneapolis artist Tom Huisman that beautifully catches the light. The finished glass panels fit in very nicely with the character of the home.

Poinsettia Lamp

Wishing you a very special Holiday Season and a Happy New Years!

Poinsettia Tiffany

Tiffany Reproduction Poinsettia Lampshade on Small Stick Base, available for purchase $1400.

Arts and Craft Style Window

Balloon Motif Window

Balloon Motif Window

I designed this panel a few years ago as a show piece for an Arts & Craft furniture show.  The  glass in each quadrant of the circle changes  position from each repeat to the next.  I could  envision this panel being used as a series of transom windows in a house or a porch full of windows, still waiting for that commission!

Greene & Greene Style Pocket Door

Greene Greene Style DoorOn this project I teamed up with  Jason Holtz a talented Minneapolis, MN  woodworker to design and construct leaded  glass for a custom pocket door.  The clients home is designed in the  Arts & Crafts, Greene & Greene Style.

The 42″ wide door had 6 openings for art glass to be inserted into, the glass was designed to complement the strong geometry of the door.  The door and cabinets were built from African Sapele wood.

The Clients were pleased with my work and I’m now working on designing custom lampshades for their guest room.  Very enjoyable project, I enjoy collaborating with woodworkers, builders and end users to create unique custom pieces.Greene & Greene Style custom door

Geometric Window With Fused Glass Detail

On this project I had fun working with a client that wanted privacy in her entryway from the outside.  The townhouse architecture has a contemporary feel to it that the window needed to tie in with.  It was also requested that I incorporated her favorite color green in various shades.

Clear and textured glasses were used to provide privacy and also to let the light in. Detail One unique detail of the window is  kiln carved glass tiles that were created in the kiln to add interest, they were made by slumping glass over fiber paper.

Bungalow House Light

This Bungalow styled light was designed to feature 4 mosaic tiles that were to be incorporated into the design.  The client, an artist requested that his trademark red box from his logo be incorporated into the design on the side panels which adds a fun whimsical element to it.

An existing light fixture was modified by creating a new extended framework made from stamped brass that was soldered together to make a framework for the glass panels to fit into.   The trademark red square was fused on the surface of the clear glass that then was sand-blasted to conceal the light from the light bulb.

Learned a few new techniques in creating the framework that may come in handy in the future, fun project!

Antique Fixture with Orginal Grape Vine Design

art nuoveou light fixture tiffany inspired grapevine motif tutor house stained glass

On this project for a client in Minneapolis, I created a orginal grape-vine design to fit in an Antique French handmade light fixture. The iron work had a scrolling pattern that  coordinates nicely with the organic lines of grape vines.   The design and glass were inspired to have the feel of Tiffany lampshades created in the early 1900’s which I’m guessing is about the age of the fixture.

On the bottom of the fixture I created a glass sheet from glass powders in my kiln that has a crackle pattern to it that diffuses the light.  I learned this technique from a Canadian Artist Robert Leatherbarrow.  This is the first project I combined this technique with a stained glass project and it seem to work well with the feel of the ironwork.  I really enjoyed reworking an existing old fixture and give it a new look to it, it has found its home in a beautiful Tutor Styled home.


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