Wisteria LampThe Wisteria is one of the best known and cherished of all the Tiffany lampshades designs. I made this lamp several years ago using Schlitz and Lins glass.

In this shade the vine is represented in the shape of a tree form which is completed by the base that takes on the form of a tree trunk. The wisteria flowers hang in clusters from the plant and are rendered in shades of blue to an intense darker blue.  This is a unique Tiffany design as it has an irregular upper and lower border.  In the top portion of the shade a heavy brass casting forms the crown of the tree form. The bottom border of the shade has an irregular border that outlines the clusters of flowers.

Each of the 2000 pieces of art glass are individually selected, cut by hand, wrapped in copper foil and then soldered together. The metalwork has been finished in a bronze/green patina.  It is signed on the inside of the shade with my signature.  The shades diameter is 18″ and the overall height is 25″. The base is solid brass with a green brown patina made by Odyssey.